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Looking for BB Guns? At Just BB Guns Ireland, we have the largest airsoft shop in Dublin, Ireland. We offer low-cost delivery or our outstanding click-and-collect service. We are also happy to see you at our shop and have one of the largest selections of Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Rifles, Airsoft Pistols, Airsoft Accessories and the best BB Pellets for the lowest price. We have a large collection of replica BB guns, all designed to fire 6mm BB pellets, making up one of the largest selections available and all sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide. We also supply quality tactical accessories and other shooting equipment for airsoft enthusiasts of all levels, serving the needs of thousands of visitors daily. Browse through an extensive range of electric, gas and spring replicas, along with information on all of our BB Guns, so you can make the most suitable choice. If you’re a beginner, we’ll make sure you walk away with the perfect starter kit. Our skirmish airsoft guns are popular replicas due to their realistic look and feel whilst being safe to use for sporting and recreational purposes.

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If you are looking for BB Guns and Airsoft Guns in Europe you are at the right place! At Just BB Guns IE we now deliver all of our products across the EU at a new low cost. If you are interested then take a look at our new Delivery Costs Here.


If you’re looking for BB Guns for sale, then look no further! Here we stock the largest selection of Airsoft Guns and Airsoft Accessories in Ireland. Our range of products is growing every week, and we are now the largest online retailer for BB Guns. Unlike most retailers, we ship across the UE at very competitive rates. Whatever your requirements, whether it’s for hobby, sport, target shooting or skirmishing, we have BB Guns for sale, right here on this website and all stock is in our Dublin shop and warehouse. Need help and advice or don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call or contact us via our support system, we are always happy to help.

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If you are new to Airsoft Guns then we have a large selection of airsoft rifles and airsoft pistols just for you. We also recommend that you take a look at the following bundle offers.







Why You Should Start Airsoft

Why You Should Start Airsoft

Why You Should Start Airsoft - Every sport attracts people for specific reasons: competition; the thrill-seeking adrenaline rush; contact with nature; the desire to challenge yourself. The list goes o... read more


At Just BB Guns Ireland, we price match all of our products and will not be beaten on price! To request a price match, simply contact us or select the price match tab on the product page you would like us to match.

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We offer free delivery on all orders for Airsoft Guns and accessories over €100 – simply add your products to the cart to apply free delivery. Free delivery is only available on Just BB Guns delivery to Ireland.

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Our new mobile app offers the very best information in airsoft. Find out what’s new and what to expect from the best manufacturers and brands. Search for JBBG on Google Play or the App Store and download our free mobile app.

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BB Guns and Airsoft guns are legal in Ireland since the 2006 Criminal Justice Act altered the Firearms Acts. Any airsoft gun that is muzzle energy is one joule or less is no longer classified as a firearm and no license is required. HOWEVER. Airsoft guns are now classed as Real Imitation Firearms (RIFs) and cannot be carried in a public place at ANY TIME. Even if you are carrying your RIF to the boot of your car, you MUST have it in a suitable carry case. If you are playing on private land with the permission of the owner, you must still ensure you are out of sight of the general public. If any member of the public feels threatened by what they see, they may contact the authorities and you could find yourself in serious trouble. Penalties for carrying a RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm) in a public place include up to a €5000 fine or imprisonment for up to 5 years, or both.


To buy an airsoft gun you must be 18 years or over. There is no set age to use or own an airsoft gun, therefore you can buy an imitation firearm and either gift it to someone else, or allow them to use it, regardless of their age.

Airsoft guns are not toys! They are used for target practice and war games. Please make sure to wear safety goggles or a full face mask at all times. The impact of an airsoft BB pellet will sting sharply for a few seconds and may leave a small red mark, the low velocity of the airsoft BB ensures its safe use by players.


The information below is intended to inform handlers of airsoft replicas as to the some of the powers of An Garda Siochana in the circumstance of the handler giving reason to be stopped. When transporting, or in the possession of replica firearms, handlers should ALWAYS act with due care and discretion so as to avoid the possibility of causing any form of distress to any member of the general public. Mishandling of Replica Firearms which, intentionally or otherwise, causes alarm to a member of the general public is classed as assault and will be viewed as such in the eyes of the law. An Garda Siochana will ALWAYS treat replica firearms with the same prejudice as actual firearms.

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