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June 2020

airsoft how to guns ireland

How to transport your airsoft guns in Ireland

While owning airsoft guns in Ireland is not restricted, and no license needs to be held to purchase one (more on Irish airsoft laws can be found here), there are certain rules that have to be followed in regard to the handling of an airsoft gun. As noted in...

May 2020

ie flag ireland

Airsoft Ireland

Airsoft is a sport that has been rapidly growing in parts of the globe, and in Ireland there has been a strong demand for Airsoft Guns. Just BB Guns Ireland has seen high demand from players of Airsoft to families and kids having lots of fun target shooting. The most...

December 2019

choose correct bb airsoft gun

Choose the correct BB for your airsoft gun

Bulldog Airsoft BBs Choosing the right BB can massively increase range and accuracy! Bulldog Airsoft are tried and tested BBs that you can trust to use in our bb guns and airsoft guns, from AEG to GBB pistols and rifles. It’s also important to choose the right weight BB for your particular...

July 2017

blog fobus airsoft pistol holster

Fobus Airsoft Pistol Holsters

The Fobus range of airsoft pistol holsters are now in stock at Just BB Guns. A wide range of pistols are supported including: Beretta M9, 1911 and Glocks of various sizes. Most of these new Fobus airsoft holsters come with attachments for both legs and belts, making them extremely...

June 2017

web blog jbbg ie link

Airsoft Pistols from WE

WE have been around in the airsoft industry for a long time now, and have build a solid reputation for their great quality and performance at their mid range price point. Now they are back with their updated gas and CO2 powered airsoft pistols collection, just arrived at JustBBGuns...

June 2016

rifle caa roni airsoft conversion kit

CAA RONI Airsoft Conversion Kits

The CAA RONI airsoft conversion kits have proved to be incredibly popular all over the world, and for good reason. The conversion kits allow for a compatible airsoft pistol to be transformed into an awesome carbine! This adds many features to your airsoft gun. The longer barrel length improves accuracy. The...

May 2016

src bulldog rifles coming soon

New SRC Bulldog Airsoft Rifles Coming Soon

Coming soon to Just BB Guns IE, a variety of brand new airsoft guns from SRC and Bulldog. These new airsoft rifle’s are part of SRC’s sport line range, meaning they provide amazing performance for very little cost. Coming as part of this range are brand new M4 and...

December 2015



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merry christmas


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you, for your loyal custom throughout this year. It’s easy for us to forget just how much good service and quality low price airsoft guns can mean...

March 2015

we apache airsoft in stock

WE Apache Airsoft Guns Now In Stock!

The popular WE Apache gas powered airsoft guns are now in stock at Just BB Guns! These are known for their amazing performace and build quality. Currently we have 2 models in stock, the Apache A2 and the Apache K, both styled after different variants of the MP5. The...

February 2015

we katana dropped price

WE Katana Price Dropped!

Now at Just BB Guns, our range of WE katana AEG airsoft rifles are price dropped! Most likely the cheapest price online in the UK. We also now offer painted 2 tone versions of many WE katana models, this means anyone over 18 can experience these awesome airsoft rifles...

new bulldog airsoft pellets

New Bulldog Airsoft Pellets!

Bulldog Airsoft have just unveiled their new line of BB pellets at the International Spring Fair 2015. Some of these new Bulldog airsoft BB pellets feature an eye catching multi-coloured design. There will be multiple different colour combinations available, such as: green/black, yellow/black and white/black. All of the Bulldog...