How To Install and Wear A Rifle Sling For Airsoft

How To Install and Wear A Rifle Sling For Airsoft
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How To Install and Wear A Rifle Sling For Airsoft – As long as firearms exist, rifle slings will continue to be an important item for it. Military personnel and other people can effectively move distances with their weapons without being too stressed owing to a rifle sling. Basically, we have 3 types of Rifle Slings defined by the number of attachment points, namely the one-point, two-point, and three-point, each of which has its advantages and shortcomings.

It is pertinent to know that during the installation of a rifle sling for Airsoft Guns, the rifle length has to be adjusted in relation to the carrier’s body and tested before being used for an airsoft game or other functions. The type of sling to be used depends largely on the circumstance or situation at hand.

For a single-point sling, the installation or attachment can be summarized as follows;


Here, the loop of the sling is placed over the head. One strap should rest on your dominant shoulder, while the other goes under the arm of the other shoulder. The main reason for wearing the strap on the dominant shoulder is to ensure that the strongest shoulder does the bulk of the heavy lifting.


The sling’s single-point tether is connected to the grip or base of the weapon. The sling’s point of attachment may be a Quick Detach (QD) system or a simple hook. In a situation of absence of attachment for a sling, one can be bought and fixed.


Next, after hooking up your weapon, the adjustment of the length of the sling to ensure comfort and maneuverability is needed. The transition of the weapon without repositioning the loop is possible when the sling is worn on the dominant shoulder.

The two-point sling attaches to the rifle or shotgun at two points – fore and aft. The farther the point of attachment, the more stable the rifle is to carry. There are various options to attach a two-point sling. Aside from the front and rear sling swivels, quick-detach (QD) mounts, paraclips, and other attachment points can be used. All these allow the rifle to be carried in different ways, increasing the versatility of the setup.

For instance, a QD mount can be attached directly to the short or full-length Picatinny rail on the handguard and clip the sling to the rear mount or slot in the buttstock. Alternatively, a receiver extension end plate can be used as a substitute.

After the installation of a two-point sling, the next is to determine the most effective method for carrying your rifle. There are several methods of carrying a rifle using a two-point sling. However, the following are among the most popular options:


The first position is with the part of the sling attached to the butt traversing your right shoulder and connecting to the fore-end under your left arm. In this form, the muzzle will be pointed towards the ground. Accessibility to the weapon for rapid deployment increases if the rifle is slung in the front.

Unlike a single-point system, the sling wraps around your torso so you can fasten it against your body.

In this form, with your support hand, you can pull the free end of the sling on the left side to tighten the system against your body in order to increase the tension. This position also increases your access to your sidearm, as the rifle moves away from your strong side.


The second carry method is where the part of the sling strap that attaches to the butt traverses your shoulder as a right-handed shooter. In this form, the sling attaches to the fore-end under your right arm.

The main advantages of this system are that it keeps the muzzle pointed in a safe direction consistently and allows you to keep the rifle ready with less muscular effort. The sling, properly tensioned supports the weight provided that the butt is pressed against the pocket of your right shoulder.

The two-point sling is a very versatile system for carrying and retaining your self-defence, hunting rifle, and so on.

The weapon can be mounted effectively when it is needed. Also, for maneuverability and for your rifle to be secure, the two-point slings thrive compared with the single-point option. The two-point sling is also simple to apply and remove compared to a three-point sling.

To set up your three-point sling, there should 4 items that include;

  1. Sling (Fronted of the sling has the cam lock buckle)
  2. Front handguard sling adaptor
  3. Attachment extender
  4. Buttstock adaptor


The type of buttstock and handguard you have on your rifle determines if all of the pieces would be needed.


The buttstock adapter can be eliminated if you are using an M4/AR15 collapsable buttstock because most M4 buttstocks have a silt opening towards the middle rear of the buttstock. This is where the first anchor point of the three-point loop sling can be looped through. Loop the rear of the sling through the slit and around the stock, then secure it by slipping the nylon through the tri-glide in order to keep it locked into place.


We have various kinds of handguards. Some have attachment point slits to eliminate the use of the front handguard sling adaptor and the one-inch attachment extender. If that’s the case you can attach the front portion of the sling directly in the same manner as with the M4 buttstock. In a case where your rifle does not have attachment points, you can use either a handguard sling adaptor, a one-inch attachment extender, or both depending on the width of the handguard.
After your rifle’s front handguard and buttstock have anchor points and the sling is connected, it is ready for use.

The three-point sling allows you to transition to multiple different carry positions with relative ease and secures the rifle to your body.


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