When purchasing or maintaining your airsoft guns at Just BB Guns I, considering batteries and chargers is vital. They need to be of high quality no matter the make or model of your gun as an essential part of your equipment. Put simply, the battery of an airsoft gun is similar to the battery of any other tool: it provides energy to allow the weapon to function. A charger is used to put energy into this battery. Luckily we have a fantastic range of top batteries and chargers available for all of your airsoft guns.

We encourage you to consider the power of your weapon and choose an appropriate battery and charger. This ensures that your airsoft gun’s battery life is maintained at maximum efficiency for as long as possible. Each listing on our site will clearly state the power level, making it easy for you to find a suitable match. We also have a range of different price ranges so no matter your budget you can find the perfect product for you. No matter what you’re looking for from batteries and chargers, we are sure we can help you find it.


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