Our collection of excellent quality Support Guns is here to give you top-notch support for your team. If you are new to skirmishing and Airsoft Guns then these can also make a great addition to a beginner’s arsenal. These airsoft guns are made to the highest standard putting a priority on firepower so that the rest of the team can advance. Whether it’s a CA 249, CA 249P, MK46 SPW, or a CA063M LMG, each one is developed on a 249 platform and constructed from metal. The metal gearbox on these Support Guns will give you fantastic performance and reliability while being compatible with Marui spare parts. They also come with a high-capacity magazine that can fire 300 rounds, but we can also offer a box magazine if required in our accessories range.  If you have any questions about our products or home delivery service please contact us via this website or give us a call via the information displayed on the contact us page.


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