Our range of Rifle CO2 & Gas Magazines is second to none. For a serious Airsoft enthusiast, these magazines provide an excellent expansion to our range of airsoft guns. Being able to hold upwards of thirty rounds allows heavy fire to be maintained for a longer duration – important when skirmishes can often be decided by the team who can maintain a consistent rate of fire. Our Rifle CO2 & Gas Mags are specifically designed to smoothly feed your rifle and also to be easily refilled when empty. Good maintenance will ensure spring strength and o-ring durability. The last thing you need when on the field of battle is for your magazine to let you down! Reliability is an essential aspect of efficient Airsoft guns. That’s why we only stock the highest quality products designed for committed users so that your focus can be on the game with no distractions. Our manufacturers include King Arms, GG, Well and HFC – some of the most well-respected players in the industry.


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