These Consumables available from Just BB Guns and will improve your loadout. For success on the battlefield, just making sure you’ve got one of the best Airsoft guns you can buy isn’t enough – combining consumables with skills and accessories is essential. Our range of Airsoft consumables will help you be unstoppable. If you want to reach the next level, browse our range. We stock a selection of battery chargers, gases and CO2 suiting a range of weapons, from capsules to sniper gas. Whether you want a little extra firepower or green gas to clean and lubricate your gun, we’ve got you covered. Our speed loaders can transform your game completely by making reloading easy. No wasted time, just fast and smooth reloads. Take your skill to the next level with our range of targets – whether it’s card targets, knockdown targets or a gallery you’re after, we’ve got it. Your gun is remarkably ineffective if not aimed correctly! But it’s not all about offence – our smoke grenades can provide cover on the battlefield to help in tight spots. Everything you need to transform your Airsoft game can be found in our consumables range.


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