Looking for something to give your airsoft guns more stability? Well, you’re in luck – at Just BB Guns Ireland, we have an excellent selection of Bipods & Grips. Our range of Bipods & Grips is designed to securely attach to your airsoft gun and give excellent support when you are in the field. You might be a sniper lying flat with the target in your sights or just want to rest the gun on a wall or ledge for extra support. A good quality Bipod will reduce the risk of weapon drift and shaking but more importantly allow you to stop for a breather while still aiming. Like our Bipods, a foregrip will improve your aim while giving you greater control and comfort. We have adjustable foregrips that will give you multiple positions or a fixed grip that can be easily attached to an Airsoft Gun with a bottom accessory rail. Improve all aspects of your game with bipods & grips from Just BB Guns, whether you’re on the range, in the thick of a battle, or just shooting for fun. We’ve got over 10 years experience, so if you need any information or advice, please get in contact with our professional team.


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