Why do you need more airsoft magazines for your airsoft guns? There’s nothing worse than having an empty clip, especially when you’re in the middle of an airsoft skirmish. That will no longer be a problem, thanks to our extensive range of airsoft magazines. We also stock low and mid-cap mags with 70 to 150 shots. We stock every mag imaginable, as well as hi-cap magazines for machine guns and electric AEG airsoft rifles. Our selection of mags includes replacements for airsoft and BB guns, pistols, rifles, snipers and shotguns. We sell only the leading brands, such as SRC, HFC, G&G, Cyma, Tokyo Marui & Galaxy. All prices are competitive and are available for fast delivery, browse our range to find the mag you’re after. Why not place your order today? You won’t have long to wait! If you have any questions regarding magazines or any of our products please contact us via this website. If you can not find the magazine to fit your gun, why not drop into our shop in Dublin where we are sure to have one that fits your gun or pistol.


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