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gs801 co2 pro airsoft pistol with laser and bb mag
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g&g pro 1911 co2 pistol
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NEW M56AL large airsoft multishot shotgun
NEW M56A multishot airsoft shotgun at JBBG ie
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BB Guns & Airsoft Guns From Just BB Guns UK

As the internet's largest supplier of high quality Airsoft Guns and BB Guns,Just BB Guns Ireland are proud to stock an awesome selection of products which are manufactured to the highest of standards by some of the biggest names in the business. We offer fast delivery, great prices and an incredible range of airsoft and BB accessories including goggles and gloves, clothing and masks, CO2 gas cartridges, lasers, torches, RBV knives and some exceptionally stylish holsters.  Whether you are looking for a top of the range Pro Airsoft Sniper Rifle, a handheld BB pistol or even the brand new Colt M203 Grenade Launcher, we are certain that you’ll find exactly what you want at an unbeatable price when you shop with Just BB Guns! In addition to our stunning airsoft gun collection you will also be glad to know that we have a huge supply of BB pellets and ammunition available for single or bulk purchases which are highly economical and suitable for everyday use with most of our products.



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What our customers say about Just BB Guns

i like just BB guns because i think they are very helpful in every way possible and have some great deals. Also, the guns are outstanding quality for the price, and mostly every gun on the site has a video which is very helpful because you can see exactly what the gun looks like, how it fires and what their opinion about the gun is. Every gun i have bought from just BB guns has been amazing quality and fast delivery. I also like just BB guns because on the website there is an online chat where you can talk to experts who work at just BB guns who can point you in the right direction if you have any questions regarding any of the products or anything else. The site is very well laid out and is easy to use. Very simple to add items to basket and checkout. I think it is a great idea that Just BB Guns sell bundles because they are very good guns for low prices and save you a lot of money rather than buying the products included in the bundles separately. The Bulldog ammo just bb guns sell is at a very reasonable price and are very good quality, like all of their stuff. I also think it is good that you are doing free delivery for a week, i haven’t seen any other bb gun website that do as many deals as just bb guns. The range of guns just bb guns have is amazing, every gun on the website is good quality for the money, even ones you would not take to a skirmish. Just bb guns is also good because they have a gun service if your gun breaks you can send it in to them and they will do the best they possibly can to repair it. The site has order tracking so you can see where your order is which is very helpful if you don’t know when your order is going to arrive, the order tracking link lets you see when your order will arrive, and where it is currently. Although i have never been to them there is a shooting range and skirmish sites near the shop which is very very good as if your gun breaks during a skirmish you can take it to the shop and they will try fix it for you, also you can purchase guns from the shop to take to the skirmish sites, and the shooting range. The people at Just BB guns let you try out the guns in the shooting range to see if you like them or not. A lot of my friends who have bought products from just bb guns are also very happy with the quality of the guns and they say they would never go anywhere else to buy bb guns, like myself. I think just bb guns is the most helpful place to get bb guns from because of the shear range that they have to offer, and because all of the special offers they do.Just BB Guns update their stock very regularly too, every time i visit the website new guns are in stock, as are new deals and bundles. In addition to all of the above, i do really admire the owner of just bb guns, he has worked so hard to make his business successful. By far my most rated Airsoft webiste!! Thank you just bb guns for being so helpful, keep up the outstanding work! Thank you very much, Jay Beaton.

I love the layout and simplicity of the websites, makes it easy to look around. Also the comments and videos on the products help me my decisions!

I like how justbbguns is cheaper than other websites, my favorite airsoft website. :)

JBBG is amazing so far I have ordered 2 weapons from this site and the are both really great!

I like just bb guns as it is one of the best airsoft shops around, I have brought many airsoft guns from different places and just bb guns is by far the best in every shape and form, cheap delivery, good customer service, easy to use website, decent guns at cheap prices, thats why i keep buying guns from just bb guns, I have brought a double eagle shotgun, a galaxy pistol, a hfc gas pistol and a de ak47 gas and bbs and by far it has been the best and all the guns ive brought from just bb guns still work after 2 years were as most of my other guns from other shops are not so good quality and broke after a couple of games, im currently waiting for my pay check from work so i can buy a hg-193 full auto pistol cant wait! You cant beet this shop its a very pleasing experience and cheap to

Just BB guns is definitely the No. 1 place to go for all your airsofting needs, I\'ve used the site a couple of times before and the prices are the best, service is fast, and the website is sooooo easy to navigate. GOOD JOB JBBG! :D

just bb guns is the best bb gun store i know, its good cause it has all the best qulaity guns & equiptment and no bad stuff .on the website the catagories .compared to the other sites/stores it is the best easily.

i like just BB guns because it has the cheapest prices on the market but still high quality! i have not heard one bad comment about your website cheers, Lucas

best prices, best guns, best service, best company.

this websit is my first choice when looking for a new bb gun

The Law: Regulations around Airsoft Guns
Minimum age to purchase a BB gun is 18 years. An adult should supervise persons under 14 years of age. No gun should be carried in a public place unless in transit when it should be unloaded and placed in a bag. Guns must not be concealed on one's person, or pointed or fired at another human or animal. Safety glasses and other protective clothing should also be worn when operating the gun or viewing.
Safety and Age Restrictions
BB guns use air and spring power and are intended for general target practice and skirmishing. They use 6mm plastic bb bullets and are totally harmless providing Safety Information is observed. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a BB gun. All orders are only accepted on the condition customers have read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing.