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Airsoft BB Guns and Accessories

As the Internet's largest supplier of high quality Airsoft Guns and BB Guns, Just BB Guns Ireland is proud to stock an awesome selection of products which are manufactured to the highest of standards by some of the biggest names in the business. We offer fast delivery, great prices and an incredible range of airsoft and BB accessories including goggles and gloves, clothing and masks, CO2 gas cartridges, lasers, torches, RBV knives and some exceptionally stylish holsters.  Whether you are looking for a top of the range Pro Airsoft Sniper Rifle, a handheld BB pistol or even the brand new Colt M203 Grenade Launcher, we are certain that you’ll find exactly what you want at an unbeatable price when you shop with Just BB Guns! In addition to our stunning airsoft gun collection, you will also be glad to know that we have a huge supply of BB pellets and ammunition available for single or bulk purchases which are highly economical and suitable for everyday use with most of our products.

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New Dublin Offices

We at Just BB Guns are delighted to announce the opening of our new distribution centre and offices in Dublin. All our products sold from this website will now be dispatched from these new premises. We are planning to start a buy and collect service from these new premises together with set open days where customers can drop in to try our airsoft guns and other new airsoft products.

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What our customers say about Just BB Guns

When it comes to JustBBGuns there is only one thing to say about all of its competitors...\"Asta La Vista BB!\"

The reason why I love JustBBguns is that I can always know what to buy. You clearly mark all important information underneath the pictures of the gun, and I just love that, no other websites that sell airsoft come even close to showig in such detail the specs of each product, plus important additional information about it. The videos under some of the guns are also useful and help me decide what to buy! I\\\'ve recently bought a gun from here, and it arrived quickly with no problems at all - I shall be buying all my airsoft goods from here only, due to the excellent quality of online information and great service. To anyone who hasn\\\'t bought from here, I really recommend it!

I am a regular airsofter and a regular user of this site, and have not yet had a bad experience: deliveries, customer satisfaction etc has all been outstanding. I wish to upgrade my current load-out to suite a more indoors game-play style and I would use the prize money to upgrade my gun and improve my general gear. By the way it is only one month till CHRISTMAS!!!!

I love just bb guns i have never bought any other gun from any other website for 3 resons it is easy to get around, you are very helpfull and i love your guns they are great hope you appreciate my coment love your website thanks !!!!!

I love JustBBGuns because they offer all kinds of BB guns ranging from Budget to Professional airsoft guns and have been a proud supporter over the years thanks for offering this brilliant competition good look to anyone who entered thanks. Regards Ben

how do all, just bb guns is the best because they give me some of the greatest guns for the best prices. i recently baught a g36 extended version from SRC and it is the bizz. i never like using it coz im worried that it would get damaged and i dont want that as i spent 150 quid for it. so it just sits, with me admireing it, sooooo, thumbs up to jbbg, thumbs up indeed

just bb guns are the best bb gun site in the world and i wood love a src mp5 and an m4 and some bbs and just bb guns are helpful and good cost and the best bb gun site the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

i think just bb gun is a fantastic bbgun sight. it is a definitley a go a have brought to bbguns of here and i will be bying my third this christmas it is very cheap and the staff are very freindley and polite the stuff they sell is not rubish and cheap plastic but very solid guns and parts.just bb guns is the best

i like this website because the are lots of great guns the staff are realy helpfull and friendly on the phone and ive brought lots of guns off just bb guns.the postage is realy fast and bulldog ammo is the best . JUST BB GUNS RULE!!!!!!!!

Just bb guns is the my most favourite bb gun website it is very reliable and sells some awesome guns the delivery is very quick too making this site.

Live comments
To buy an airsoft gun you must be 18 years or over. There is no set age to use or own an airsoft gun; therefore to buy an imitation firearm and either gift it to someone else, or allow them to use it, regardless of their age, you are not breaking any law.
In Northern Ireland the law states that all airsoft replicas must have a muzzle velocity no greater than 328 fps (or 1 joule energy using a 0.2g bb pellet). Reputable Skirmish Sites should chronograph all replicas before play commences to ensure they fall within this limit. It is a criminal offence under The Firearms (Northern Ireland) Order 2004 to be in possession of a replica shooting at over 328 fps. The colour of the gun is NOT an issue and you do not need any licence or club membership to own a realistic imitation firearm i.e. a black or tan airsoft gun.
In UK Airsoft established at 1.3 joules (approx. 374FPS/.2g bb) for full auto and 2.5 joules (approx 519 FPS) for single/semi sniper or pistol. Please note: This information is only to inform you of the maximum legal limits within the UK.

Since October 2007 you can only buy a realistic imitation firearm (one that looks like a real gun i.e. black or tan) if you meet one of the following conditions.

- You have a current UKARA membership.
- You are a member of a properly insured historical re-enactment group or society.
- You are a film, television or theatre production company.
- You are (or are acting on behalf of) a museum.
- You are a Crown Servant in pursuance of your Crown duties.

If you cannot meet any of these criteria, you can still buy an imitation firearm, one which PRINCIPLE COLOUR is significantly different from that of a real firearm – i.e. bright orange, green, blue etc.