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As the internet's largest supplier of high quality Airsoft Guns and BB Guns, Just BB Guns Ireland are proud to stock an awesome selection of products which are manufactured to the highest of standards by some of the biggest names in the business. We offer fast delivery, great prices and an incredible range of airsoft and BB accessories including goggles and gloves, clothing and masks, CO2 gas cartridges, lasers, torches, RBV knives and some exceptionally stylish holsters.  Whether you are looking for a top of the range Pro Airsoft Sniper Rifle, a handheld BB pistol or even the brand new Colt M203 Grenade Launcher, we are certain that you’ll find exactly what you want at an unbeatable price when you shop with Just BB Guns! In addition to our stunning airsoft gun collection you will also be glad to know that we have a huge supply of BB pellets and ammunition available for single or bulk purchases which are highly economical and suitable for everyday use with most of our products.



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This is by far both the most reliable and well priced site on the net for airsoft supplies. I\'ve always had my expectations exceeded by the coustomer service. From browsing all the way up to delivery and after care you\'ll find nothing but honesty and great service. But, what stands out most, is the incredible integrity of your site: If a gun has a lower FPS than it says on the box, you say so. If there is a lower price somewhere, you beat it. You put everything the buyer needs to know on the product page regardless of if it may put someone off. And you are passionate abut the work you do. That kind of integrity is hard to find these days. Keep up the good work :)

brilliant advice, excellent service, top notch goods, best prices in the world, this comment is 100% true and genuine Bought my first gun on here and it will not be my last, keep up the gold star service guys!

I have a passion for airsoft but I struggle getting guns but this website is here for me it seems with guns that other websites don't have or do have but note in two-tone, and I can't get UKARA since I don't have that good of guns to play a proper game since me and friends mess around with them, but this website is great giving people like me the chance to get airsoft items so they have such a support for their community. They also don't just aim for professionals or starters etc. but they have things for all players at great prices, this website has a amazing future in the UK airsoft market.

Justbbguns has been the only store for me, mainly for how cheap you can get the best quality guns. Also, the postage is super quick and everything is what you expect. NO damaging during postage, NO fault in the manufacturing, and NO customer complant from me!!! :) I will still continue shopping at This AMAZING store. Thanx :)

i love justbbguns because because they are reasonably priced airsoft guns, but unlike other cheap airsoft websites in the uk they will only sell quality guns because they put the customer first and are the only site i will order from, i check everyday to see if there are any new products, i also love how they put videos up so you can see for yourself what the gun looks like and fires like, JUSTBBGUNS RULES!!

thanks for the work put in to this company, I am looking for work experience and jbbg looks perfect for it. The other day I ordered an m901a, it turned out to be £100 cheaper than another top rated website, I have been to the shop and it is managed efficiently and effectively. The first thing when I walked in was a welcome and a tour of the shop. I have been ordering off this website for 3 years now and every now and then I hold an airsoft battle with,a friend, and a first instinct is to find cheap rubbish that will be thrown away after 20 minutes, but I found a p99 syle gun the other day for £12 so I did some soul surfing for reviews and it was an amazing quality gun so I was told, but I naturally came here to find that there were some guns that were a lot cheaper, same brand , same make for only a fiver. One other thing I pointed out to a friend was when I order guns I do not trust computers, so I love the order over the phone, handy service and a helpful guy telling me what he recommended for a £100 budget. Thanks and keep up the good work,and I hope you have many happy years of shooting!

this site started me into airsoft and I still buy my stuff from here the prices are great and so are the products. my first gun the WE baby Hi Capa 3.8 still use and going strong love it as well as the m47 shotgun absolute beasts in CQB

Dear Just bb gun's staff I've just started using bb guns and think there amazing! But I've hardly got any guns, only a shotgun brought from this web site last month. It would be a great help if I didn't get hammered by gas guns and got a new better gun. Even a gas pistol would make me stand a better chance. I'm recommending your website to all my friends in wars and they ask "are they good gun's for that price DOUBT IT" I simply reply "100% good gun's and equipment"

well where do i start, justbbguns have always been the first choice website for ordering bb guns, the service the layout and the variety of guns is perfect. I have bought 6 guns off you and they have not let me down anytime. The service for delivering the firearms are very fast. This website has everything. Sub categories help me to narrow down my search to the exact firearm want. When i do choose a weapon the page gives me everything. All the facts, the weight, what ammo to use, fps( actualfps), range(actualrange), magazine capacity and many more. What is also very good about what weapon to purchase is a quick overlook and quick facts about the weapon. The videos you post about the weapons are very helpful indeed simply for the fact, a person gives the review instead of reading of a webpage. It also shows if the guns have a high rate of fire if its a electric powered weapon which is helpful towards buying the perfect gun for skirmishing. Since about a year you have vastly improved the range of airsofting equipment you sell on you website. For example now there are lots of sights and reticles which improves accuracy, and accuracy in skirmishing is key. There are also a vast selection of airsoft clothing and accessories. For example you have tactical vests, helmets, facepaint, balaclavas and many more, and all of these accessories help towards save skirmishing activities. Thats why i love justbbguns. Carry on the good work and i will enjoy making business with you in the future. HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE TEAM AND A PRODUCTIVE NEW YEAR TO JUSTBBGUNS <3


just got this gun today ... its amazing and great delivery time compared to other irish airsoft companies...this gun is a must buy!! Davey.

just a quick message.......... would just like to say a big thank you.... received my gun today......fantastic weapon and super fast delivery service. will highly recommend to my friends cheers...mike

thank you for all of your help, the pellets came this morning, gr8 gun, gr8 service, will be dealing with again thx again eddy

Thanks superfast delivery, easy transaction thanks will b dealing with u guys again. Dean. One word I will use to everyone I recommend your company to, is OUTSTANDING! Credit to all concerned at 'Just BB guns'..Happy new Year to you all, and we'll be ordering VERY soon again! Regards B White & family.

Wooo... gun has just come fast next day delivery. the gun is amazing its at a good price and is worth every penny. The laser though is really complicated i dunno how to use it but ill work it out. The scope is good and the accuracy is very good i highly recommend this M83A2 for beginners and experts alike!!!!!!

The gun came and the delivery was very fast the gun is good quality definatley going to buy more stuff off you! chimp...

This is the best site i have ever been on all my friends buy of here and is so cheap i turned down 4 sites 4 this 1 adicted, Campbell

Thank you guys at justbbguns! my guns were delivered 2day, and i cudnt have been happier... I have reccomended your site to all my friends, and they have reccomneded to their friends, and so on.. i am very pleased with them, and the skirmish today was brilliant! i will be coming back to this site in the near future, and thank you again!!! brad...

I love this website, you do really really good video reviews that are soo helpful. Airsofter...

Safety & Age Restrictions
BB guns use air and spring power and are intended for general target practice. They use 6mm plastic bb bullets and are totally harmless providing Safety Information is observed. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a BB gun. All orders are only accepted on the condition customers have read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

The Law
Minimum age to purchase a BB gun is 18 years. An adult must supervise persons under 18 years of age. No gun should be carried in a public place unless in transit when it should be unloaded and placed in a bag. Guns must not be concealed on one's person, or pointed or fired at another human or animal. Safety glasses and other protective clothing should also be worn when operating the gun or viewing.