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When buying a new airsoft gun, what is it you’re looking for? Of course, you want to ensure your new purchase is reliable, durable and performs well without the need to spend hundreds of euros on upgrades. However, a lot of buying a new airsoft gun is liking the aesthetics of said gun.

Many people will look towards films or video games for their inspiration (if this is something that interests you, take a look at our range of video game blogs that highlight some of the best airsoft versions of blockbuster gaming titles like Call of Duty or Battlefield). Others will simply have a favourite platform and buy several different variants of that platform.

Others will simply look for that ‘WOW!’ factor – there’s nothing quite like turning up to your local skirmish, taking your new purchase out of our your gun box and everyone coming up to you asking you what it is, where you got it from and if they can take a closer look. So this month, we’re looking at guns that are likely to do precisely that – airsoft guns that will make you the talk of the town while offering brilliant reliability and performance.


CLASSIC ARMY Nemesis DT4 Double Barrel M4

The Classic Army DT4 is quite possibly one of the baddest M4’s around. Touting two separate barrels, this BB-slinger can dole out a serious amount of plastic hurt. In addition, the DT4 features a single gearbox with two individual compression systems. That’s right; two separate compression systems mean two individual inner barrels, each with its own individually adjustable hopup unit. All of this is controlled by a single trigger connected to Classic Army’s adjustable ECS MOSFET trigger system, allowing for a crisp trigger response and the potential to use a three to five round burst per barrel.

This rad package comes wrapped in Classic Army’s durable metal alloy receiver and features a unique MLOK handguard at the front to mount as many tactical accessories as you can throw at it. Other accoutrements include an adjustable stock, flip-up front and rear sights, and a built-in sling attachment point at the back of the receiver.


  • Aggressive double-barrel design
  • Two independent inner barrels and hopup units
  • One single gearbox for both barrels
  • MLOK front rail for grip, lights, and other tactical accessories
  • Single magazine release, ambidextrous selector switch
  • Flip-up front and rear sights
  • Made from durable metal alloy material
  • ECS MOSFET trigger system




The H&K G3A3 is quite possibly one of the most well-known rifles worldwide, seeing use in the hands of military and police in over 80 countries and close to 8 million units produced worldwide. This iconic rifle is well known to many, collectors and enthusiasts alike, so it’s no surprise that we still see them pop up in the Airsoft world to this day.

This H&K licensed G3A3 GBB rifle by WE-Tech is very impressive, with a receiver made entirely from stamped steel adorned with H&K G3 roll marks adding just that extra bit of detail and authenticity. In addition, the realistic blowback functionality carries weight with the full-travel bolt assembly.


  • High strength stamped steel receiver
  • Licensed H&K rollmarks
  • Nylon-fiber reinforced polymer stock and handguard
  • Full travel bolt assembly
  • Realistic select-fire
  • Adjustable rotating-drum rear sight
  • Realistic takedown




The SRC RPK LMG is the perfect option to take onto the field for you and your team. This airsoft gun can fill the role of a support gunner with you shooting a ton of rounds down at your targets with the included 600 round magazine. The RPK has a stamped steel construction to help simulate the weight of a real gun and a durable build that will last a long time.

Additionally, wood handguards and a wood stock compliment the SRC RPK, making this feel great in your hands. All this weight is not so bad to carry around with you since there is an integrated bipod. Use the fold-able bipod to mount onto a platform to have steady shots without worrying about dropping your aim. Then, take the SRC RPK LMG onto your next skirmish to ensure you have edge of battle with superior fire.


  • Full metal construction complemented by wood furniture
  • Highly calibrated Generation 3 gearbox
  • Comes complete with one hi-cap magazine and one drum magazine
  • High-grade internals ensure this airsoft gun performs to the highest level
  • New trigger design improves flexibility of shooting



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