Classic Army PX9 Airsoft Gun AEG with Drum Mag


This is the Classic Army PX9 Airsoft Gun AEG with Drum Mag, now in stock at Just BB Guns the UK’s No1 Airsoft Guns shop.

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This Classic Army PX9 is constructed primarily from high-density polymer, keeping the build light, scratch resistant and highly effective for CQB. This outstanding AEG has a polymer sound-amplifying muzzle device, which gives the PX9 a stifling muzzle sound. The “snap snap snap” of a triple tap from this AEG drowns out its motor noise. The device attaches to the 14mm CCW male threads at the tip of the alloy 5-inch outer barrel, allowing you to change up the look of the PX9 as you wish. Surrounding the outer barrel, there is a hybrid 20mm Picatinny handguard system that provides Picatinny rails in all the places you will need them. The PX9 receiver has similar controls as the M4/AR15, which are ideally placed for fast access. The magazine release can be found on the right side of the AEG, and sits well within reach of the shooter’s trigger finger, allowing for a drop-free reload. The fire selector is found on the left side of the AEG, directly above the pistol grip, and sits comfortably beneath a right-handed shooter’s thumb when in a firing grip. Each fire mode is denoted with markings; SAFE, SEMI and AUTO. The trigger of the PX9 is a flat, speed-style trigger intended for rapid semi-automatic fire. The left side of the receiver also features a dummy bolt release catch, which does nothing on an Airsoft AEG, but has nonetheless been styled up to match the design of the fire selector and magazine release.

This PX9 from Classic Army has an ambidextrous charging handle, which is designed in a similar fashion to popular raptor-style charging handles. The charging handle does not need to be pulled to prime the AEG, but instead retracts the mock bolt carrier to reveal the rotary adjustable HOP-UP system. The HOP-UP can be adjusted from the right side of the AEG whilst the charging handle is held to the rear. The rotary unit is widely known as superior to the legacy gear HOP unit and provides more stable adjustment with less likelihood of the HOP setting being affected by the vibrations from firing. The pistol grip of this PX9 is an ergonomic type with a filled-out backstrap or beaver tail to make the AEG more comfortable to hold. One of the aspects which makes the PX9 so compact is its 2 position PDW type stock, found at the rear of the AEG, right where you expect it to be! This stock is one of the best PDW stock designs for Airsoft, as it provides the compact form factor to allow for easy transportation and storage whilst still providing enough space for standard M4/AR15 buffer tube stick batteries. To access the battery compartment, simply extend the stock and pull the tab with the Allen screw in downwards, which should allow the bottom part of the stock tube to come free – NO TOOLS NEEDED! Inside you will find the mini-tamiya connector for your battery.

The PX9 internals are very good; it has its own programmable electronic trigger unit, which can be set up for either 3 or 5-round bursts, either replacing semi-auto or full auto! This is very useful for Airsoft skirmishes with limited magazine capacity, as it will help you avoid the temptation to spray the enemy whilst saving that ability for when it is absolutely necessary. The ETU also provides motor and battery protection and will prevent the PX9 from being fired when the battery is low and potentially damaging the battery cells. The most notable part of the PX9 is its 6.03mm tight bore inner barrel, which provides excellent accuracy in such a short package, in concert with the rotary adjustable HOP-UP unit. It is rare to find such a feature-packed AEG at this price range that isn’t a bog-standard M4. Also, this PX9 has 9mm bearing bushings that will keep the gearbox running smoothly and a quick-change spring system we all love.


Step 1: Set your fire selector to “SEMI”
Step 2: Depress the trigger for 5 seconds until you hear the ETU beeping
Step 3: Release the Trigger (the ETU will continue to beep – the current settings)
Step 4: Depress the trigger and hold it for 3 seconds
Step 5: Release the trigger once the beeping sequence changes.
Step 6: Once you have your desired setting, turn the selector to the AUTO position.

The following is a list of the settings available for the CA ETU.

Default – SAFE-SEMI-AUTO – Beep, Pause, Beep x8
Setting 1 – SAFE-SEMI-3 ROUND BURST – Beep, Pause, Beep x3
Setting 2 – SAFE-3 ROUND BURST-AUTO – Beep x3, Pause, Beep x8
Setting 3 – SAFE-5 ROUND BURST-AUTO – Beep x5, Pause, Beep x8
Setting 4 – SAFE-SEMI-SEMI – Beep, Pause, Beep


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  • Reinforced Polymer Construction
  • Tightbore Inner Barrel
  • Pre-Installed Programmable ETU
  • Compatible with Arp-9 Magazines
  • Hybrid Picatinny Handguard
  • 20mm Picatinny Railed Receiver
  • Sound Amplifying Muzzle Device
  • 14mm CCW Male Threads for Suppressors and Tracers
  • Flip-up Sights Included
  • Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit


  • Classic Army PX9 AEG Airsoft Gun
  • 1400R Auto Winding Drum Magazine
  • 120R Medium Capacity Magazine
  • Speed Loader
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Small Bag of 0.20g CA BBs

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