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Welcome to The Bone Yard, Grab a Potential Bargain on Us – It’s no surprise that with the large number of Airsoft Guns and BB Guns we import, some will come defective from the manufacturer. Here at Just BB Guns Ireland, we pride ourselves on great customer service, so should this happen to you, we’ll replace it instantly. However, with that said, this does leave us with a handful of defective pieces that just sit in our warehouse, taking up space. So, we brainstormed and came up with the Bone Yard.


These are products that are defected, damaged or refunded items made available at various times. Why would you buy Bone Yard rifles or pistols? If you are tech-savvy or handy, Bone Yard items are often easy to repair into fully functioning products. They also have a high resell value as parts, and many of our customers buy Bone Yard items for spare parts. Bone Yard replicas are the best 1:1 scale replicas money can buy and are great for film production and pretend play. Disclaimer: Bone Yard items are sold for less than cost and are sold as is. Bone Yard items are NOT brand new or in perfect condition. Contents may not match website images and will not come with parts and accessories that a brand-new item would include. All sales are final, and there will be no returns, warranty or guarantee on any Bone Yard items.


Our Bone Yard items are split into a number of different categories, so it’s not entirely luck of the draw as to what you’ll get. We’ve done this for a number of reasons. First, if you’re looking to purchase some of these as repair projects, then the last thing you’re going to want is something you have no idea how to remedy — for example, if you’ve never worked on a gas/Co2 product, you might not fancy starting any time soon. Secondly, if you’re buying these products as a prop, you will want something that looks slightly more realistic, so a spring rifle or pistol probably won’t do the job. Likewise, if you just want something to hang on the wall, or perhaps something to give to your children, something cheap and cheerful will do the job. Finally, we simply wanted to make it somewhat fair — we didn’t want to put a flat price of, say, 50 euro, and for some people to be completely left out of pocket with a 20 euro spring rifle they could have bought, and had money left over.


If the idea of our Airsoft Bone Yard products sounds interesting, you can find links to them all below. Please bear in mind that stock will vary a lot depending on what we have had returned, so if you can’t spot what you want, check back on another occasion!







You can see our full range of Airsoft Guns on the Just BB Guns Ireland category product pages. We also have a large number of BBs and airsoft accessories, all at great low prices.

And dont forget we now have low-cost delivery for all our guns and accessories across Europe! 

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