WE Katana Price Dropped!

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Now at Just BB Guns, our range of WE katana AEG airsoft rifles are price dropped! Most likely the cheapest price online in the UK. We also now offer painted 2 tone versions of many WE katana models, this means anyone over 18 can experience these awesome airsoft rifles (even without a UKARA license). If you didn’t know already, the WE katanas are some of the most impressive airsoft rifles you can buy for the money. These airsoft rifles from WE have incredible performance and a few features usually reserved for airsoft rifles with a much higher price tag.

Arguably the most impressive feature of the WE katana range of airsoft rifles would be its cylinder system. This system allows the user to very easily open the airsoft rifle and change the coloured cylinder. This changes the power of the airsoft rifle. This is extremely useful in a number of situations. If you wanted to go skirmishing, meaning you must meet the fps requirement of the site, you could have a cylinder giving a power of approximately 300 feet per second. If you wanted to do some longer range shooting, you could increase the power with a different cylinder.

Currently at Just BB Guns we offer 3 different colour cylinders:
Blue: 300 feet per second (choose this one for airsoft skirmishing)
Red: 360 feet per second
Silver: 430 feet per second

Every WE katana AEG airsoft rifle includes a preinstalled cylinder, please check which colour this included cylinder is by looking in the description of the product page to make sure it suits your power needs. Please also be aware a battery and charger is not included with any of the WE katana range, however these rifles are LiPo battery ready.

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