WE Apache Airsoft Guns Now In Stock!

Category: New Products

The popular WE Apache gas powered airsoft guns are now in stock at Just BB Guns! These are known for their amazing performance and build quality. Currently, we have 2 models in stock, the Apache A2 and the Apache K, both styled after different variants of the MP5. The A2 is the full stock version and is perfect for most airsoft situations, the longer barrel length also makes it more accurate. The Apache K has no stock and a shorter barrel length, making it perfect for CQB airsofting. The built-in front grip also makes the Apache K and A absolute pleasure to use.

Both of these models are gas-powered and feature a blowback system. This increases realism by giving a recoil effect. This when combined with the impressive fire rate makes for a very entertaining shooting experience. The Apaches are quite powerful guns delivering about 350 feet per second with .20g BB pellets, so make sure to check the power limit of your local site before you take it airsofting!

Overall Both the WE Apache K airsoft gun and the WE Apache A2 airsoft gun are great that definitely deserve their popularity. For more information visit Just BB Guns!

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