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It’s Starting to Feel a Lot Like Christmas! Our Picks for Christmas Gifts This Festive Season – only at Just BB Guns Ireland.

It’s that time of year again, and trying to find the perfect gift for your significant other, child, friend or other family members can often be a nightmare. Thankfully, if the recipient of your potential purchase is an airsoft player, then it’ll make your life a little easier – especially with this list of our favourite airsoft items.

To make your life even easier, we’ve split this months’ blog up into four different categories – under €50, €50-€150 and €150-€250, to ensure a list of gifts that are affordable for everyone. Furthermore, we’ve put together a whole heap of gift packages specifically for this festive period, with a range of exclusive packages that you won’t find anywhere else.

On top of that, should you find something on our website that is cheaper elsewhere, we will match that price. Simply contact us directly or select the price match tab on the product page you want us to match. The rest is easy, and you’ll get the great customer service we offer along with your new product at a price that will not be beaten!



Modelled on the ever-popular Beretta M9 – adopted by the United States military as their service pistol in 1985 and used until the current day. Based in Taiwan, HFC (short for Honor Fantastic Classic) was first established in 2004. HFC firmly believe in offering high quality and valued products to its customers, and in 2007 they created a Research and Development team to ensure their products are the best on the market.

The HFC HA118 is a full-scale ABS plastic pistol that is solidly built. Powered by a heavy-duty spring, the HFC HA118 is perfect for target shooting in the garden. Our HFC package is the best value on the market, and this product comes in a striking silver colour with black pistol grips. It comes with a single magazine that is capable of holding 15 BBs. Furthermore, it incorporates a manual safety and a lanyard clip to avoid losing it when holstered. The HFC HA118 also fires at an admirable 270FPS – great for a spring-powered pistol.

To ensure you have everything you need to make use of your new HFC HA118, this bundle comes complete with the following –

– 4000 premium Bulldog 0.12g BBs
– 1 Multi-function target



The Double Eagle M85P is one of our most popular Airsoft BB guns for first-time buyers. The M85 is one of the best selling airsoft guns we have on this website and is perfect for people looking to get a feel for the sport before actually taking a serious step towards becoming a skirmisher.

The M85 is a replica of the G36 used by several real-world operators making use of it, including the UK police force. It is an outstanding replica that is 1:1 scale with probably the best build quality of any of Double Eagles cheaper AEG guns. This BB gun makes a great starter package, as not only is the rifle sturdy enough for new/young players to handle, but it comes with a few free attachments that give you to chance to try out what you like best on your rifle. This gun shoots both full and semi-automatic and has a range of around 40 metres, and can be very accurate with the Hop-Up set properly. Please note that this gun does not come with a red dot laser as standard, but we do sell a full range of tested laser sights here on this website.

To ensure you have everything you need to make use of your new Double Eagle M85P G36, this bundle comes complete with the following –

– 5000 premium Bulldog 0.20g BBs
– 1 Painted Skull Airsoft Team Mask (USA edition)
– 1 Large Sticking Target



The SRC BULLDOG Professional Grade Airsoft Rifle is quite possibly the greatest value in the airsoft market today. This game-changer is loaded with tons of upgrades, such as a reinforced SRC gearbox and adjustable hop-up. SPORTLINE Airsoft rifles are designed for skirmishing; they are light, made of plastic and deliver outstanding performance. With outstanding internals and a lightweight plastic body, this gun is easy to carry all day at your next event. The Bulldog ST Mamba ST is manufactured with a high-quality motor and internal parts, metal bushings, adjustable hop-up for greater accuracy, a nylon receiver to reduce the weight and deliver a custom moulded grip, high-end steel gear set. The handguard on this gun is a nylon mix with outstanding skeleton work that makes this gun the ultimate in airsoft.

This outstanding airsoft rifle has a reinforced SRC gearbox for increased performance and durability, semi and fully automatic shooting modes, adjustable hop-up for increased distance and accuracy and TG pistol grip with an advanced trigger guard. The hop-up on this airsoft gun is located behind the dust cover as normal but is not on a spring, so you will need to pull the dust cover down by hand to adjust the hop-up.

To ensure you have everything you need to make use of your new Bulldog SR4 ST Mamba, this bundle comes complete with the following –

– 5000 premium Bulldog 0.20g BBs
– 1 Bulldog Battery Charger
– 1 8.4v 1600 Bulldog Crane Battery
– 1 Painted Skull Airsoft Team Mask (White edition)


You can see our full range of BB guns and airsoft guns on the Just BB Guns Ireland category product pages. We also have a large number of BBs and airsoft accessories, all at great low prices.

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