New Bulldog Airsoft Pellets!

Category: New Products

Bulldog Airsoft have just unveiled their new line of BB pellets at the International Spring Fair 2015. Some of these new Bulldog airsoft BB pellets feature an eye-catching multi-coloured design. There will be multiple different colour combinations available, such as: green/black, yellow/black and white/black. All of the Bulldog pellets from this new range are also said to be a step up in quality when compared to previous versions.

This new range of Bulldog pellets also has some impressive packaging features. Some of the new products come in a bottle with a spring-loaded pourer, this makes loading pellets into something like a high capacity airsoft magazine extremely easy. Some of the lower cost pellets come in a drinking style bottle. This is a clever way of packaging the pellets as it helps to keep costs down, meaning cheaper BB pellets for us!

We are very much looking forward to these new Bulldog airsoft BB pellets, expect to see them on Just BB Guns in the coming weeks!

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