Medieval Iron Warrior Full Head Coverage Airsoft Helmet and Mask


This Medieval Iron Warrior Full Head Coverage Airsoft Helmet and Mask is now available in a selection of colours at Just BB Guns.

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The Medieval Iron Warrior helmet system provides complete face protection attached to a comfortable and familiar helmet base. Every airsoft warrior needs a helmet to defend themselves from bumps, scrapes and hits, and this helmet has everything covered. When the battle is over and you find yourself standing on top of the bodies of your fallen enemies, you can stand proudly knowing this helmet saw you through to victory. When the hero (YOU) needs to speak, worry not, with the press of a button the helmet slides open, allowing you to communicate with your team. This tactical airsoft helmet and face mask is fully adjustable and made from high-quality materials. It is also complete with a number of optional accessories.


  • ABS plastic helmet
  • Full face mesh mask with spring-loaded, openable visor
  • Helmet side rail system for mounting additional accessories
  • NVG mount plate
  • Metal mesh visor lens included
  • Perspex visor lens included
  • Inside pads for comfort
  • Neck protector included
  • One size fits most
  • Opening helmet during gameplay is not recommended

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