How to transport your airsoft guns in Ireland

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While owning airsoft guns in Ireland is not restricted, and no license needs to be held to purchase one (more on Irish airsoft laws can be found here), there are certain rules that have to be followed in regard to the handling of an airsoft gun. As noted in the Criminal Justice Act 2006 “Airsoft guns are now classified as Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF) and cannot be carried in public at ANY TIME. If you are carrying a RIF to your car, it MUST be in a suitable case”.

In short, this means you’ll need to look for a suitable gun case to transport your RIF to and from your local skirmish field. Furthermore, we would suggest transporting any purchased RIFs (mainly second-hand purchases which do not have a box) in a gun case as well. With that said though, what deems a gun case suitable? In this blog we’ll be looking at our favourite gun cases in stock, highlighting why they’re favourites of ours!


Hard cases, in our opinion, are the best options for transporting RIFs to and from a specific destination. Not only do they look a lot better (which is always a benefit if you get stopped by the local authorities) but they also provide a whole deal more in regards to protection. Most are made of a hard plastic material; although there are some cases which are aluminium, and they’re all closed by a series of clasps, with some offering the capability to be locked via a padlock.


The SRC P42 is, in our opinion, one of the best hard cases on the market. Capable of carrying either a singular M4/AK airsoft gun or two smaller CQB guns, the P42 is created from a solid ABS material which features a reinforced handle for carrying it. The case is secured via four clips which keep the case secure, as well as having a number of security holes to further secure the contents via padlocks.


If you’re not a fan of hard cases, your other option is what we’ll refer to as a ‘soft case’. Soft cases are a little less secure looking in our opinion, however, they still do a solid job, and are much better for the space conscientious airsofter due to their design. Soft cases are made from a range of different materials, ranging from oxford cloth through to nylon dependant on the price, and will come with a range of different carrying straps.


Personally, we’re a huge fan of the TRIMEX GB15. The GB15 has plenty of room to store a range of different airsoft guns within, as well an assortment of pouches on the outside for further storage options. The GB15 is also ridiculously easy to transport, with the ability to either carry it via a carry handle or like a rucksack with shoulder straps found on one side of the case.

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