Bulldog SR47C Now In Stock!

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Category: New Products

Finally, after a long wait, the new range of AK47 style airsoft guns are in stock at Just BB Guns IE! These new airsoft rifles offer quite possibly the best value for money currently available in the market today. Both quality and performance are truly amazing when compared to some other airsoft rifles in the same price range. These rifles are licensed by Bulldog Airsoft and manufactured by SRC, one of the biggest names in the airsoft industry.

One of the most impressive new airsoft weapons in this range is the new SR47C airsoft rifle. Firstly, this rifle features the same outstanding reinforced gearbox that comes with the rest of the range. This gearbox is very reliable and allows the gun to fire at an impressive 600 rounds per minute (depending on battery power). The SR47C is one of the shorter variants of the SR47, this makes it an ideal first CQB skirmish gun. It also has many other features such as rails and different firing modes.

To find more information on the SR47C and the rest of the SRC/Bulldog range, visit Just BB Guns IE!

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