Airsoft Pistols from WE

Category: New Products

WE have been around in the airsoft industry for a long time now, and have build a solid reputation for their great quality and performance at their mid range price point. Now they are back with their updated gas and CO2 powered airsoft pistols collection, just arrived at JustBBGuns Ireland.

This new airsoft pistols range from WE features extremely high quality replicas of guns such as: Glocks, 1911s and Beretta M92s. All of these airsoft replicas feature a lightweight polymer body that offers great durability, along with full metal slide and internals for performance and reliability. The metal slide also helps give the blow-back system a powerful kick. WE have also updated their famous Hi-Capa 3.8 pistol with extra detail and improved shooting performance.

Take a look at the range of WE pistols, now available at JBBG IE!

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